I was recently looking for accountants in darlington. I decided that I needed a good one as my tax return is an annual headache. Being self employed has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Filling out forms for HMRC is not one of the advantages! So I decided it was time to bring in the professionals. It’s always wise to go with someone local for these things as at some point you might actually have to go and see these people and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

I am terrible at keeping a record of my in’s and out’s, I usually forget to keep my receipts and invoices meaning I’ve probably paid way to much tax over the years. Hopefully this new venture will save me money and get me more organised with my paperwork.

I already have a box ready to pop all my receipts in and I am endearing to print out all my invoices from my online expenditure as soon as I get them that way I don’t forget about them later. I bought a wireless printer just for this job but that is an entirely different post!

The company http://accountants-northeast.co.uk gave me a few forms to fill in and I have to take various forms of ID when I go so they can prove I am who I say I am. Apart from that it has so far been smooth sailing. Expect I wont need to update this until April? Not sure how it works to be honest, but I will keep you up to date.

New recipes coming soon so stay tuned!