A few months ago I posted about matched betting and how I was making a little money on the side with it. It’s been great fun and I thought I would do a little update. I have made around £5000 in the last few months. Absolutely incredible. I even discovered a new site to help out beginners: www.profit-maker.co.uk

This will tell you a lot of the basics and really get you started. There are 2 main reviews on the site which you need to look out for and one of them is about profit accumulator 

This is a matched betting service that I have signed up to and it has been helping me to increase my matched betting knowledge.

I have been so preoccupied with this that I haven’t been posting any new Jam recipes. I will adhere to rectify this in the near future. Please bear with me!

You can click the logo below to get taken to the website I have been reading. This is if you are interested in making a little bit of cash as a hobby.

It is surprisingly simple and I am about the least tech savvy person out there so you know if I can do it then you can do it too! It doesn’t take up much time at all either which is the best thing as I’m not a fan of staring at the computer for hours on end. Another reason this blog has ended up going a bit stale recently.

Now that summer is upon us though there will be much more new content to come from this site and hopefully so new and interesting recipes that you haven’t tried before. As always you can leave me a message here if you want to know more about anything on this site.

Back soon!