AS well as making Jam here at Jam Land we love to make and create anything to do with jam. We had so many jam jars lying about the kitchen we figured we werent the only ones with this problem to set out to solve it!

Using a wine rack type idea I got to work making my own jam rack. I’ve always been handy with wood since I was school so I usually have a wood working project on the go. It’s a passion of mine.

We get a lot of these rather nice wooden crates when we get ingredients delivered and they are the perfect size (I think) for this project. Using the crate as a base all I needed to do was create the innards. I cut to pieces of wood to size and drilled some holes in them to thread the dowel rods through. This would be the separating pieces. I slotted all of this into place and fixed them into position using wood glue and screws from underneath.

Very quick and easy job but look at the result!









I decided to leave this one rustic looking but once my friends and family saw it I had requests to make more. Some people wanted wine racks too which is exactly the same process but slightly wider space.

I also had requests for different colours. I new they would be very difficult to paint with a brush once finished so I decided I needed some spray paint for wood , I found some online easily enough so I ordered a bunch of different colours. RAL Spray paint aerosols are nice and easy to use and the colours are good and last a long time so I went with those.

Using spray paints is a good idea for many reasons but the main one is a fantastic finish and even coverage. It adds a professional touch to your finished item. I’ve had so many requests for these racks I haven’t had time to make any jam to fill them, however ads they have proved so popular I am considering selling them so if you are interested leave a comment or send me a message. If there’s enough interest I may start selling them on this website. My original plan to sell jam on here but there are so many food regulation hoops to jump through I think it might be more work than it’s worth for the small amount I would expect to sell. Wood though is regulation free as far as I know!

Oh and before I forget, there’s a new recipe on the bbc food website. I made a batch today and it is delish and very easy to make¬†